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Route name:    Frost River   View map
Entry point:    50, 51, 52
Area or Park:    BWCA
Days:    5
Amount of traveling:    Moderate, 18-23 hours
Lake sizes:    Variety
Difficulty of Portages:    Challenging
Experience Level:    Experienced
Fishing:    Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Walleye, Small Mouth Bass
Other features:    Rapids
Maps needed:    Fisher F-12, MacKenzie 7
Lakes Traveled:    Cross River, Ham, Crossbay, Rib, Lower George, Karl, Long Island, Gordon, Unload, Frost, Octopus, Frost River, Chase, Pencil, Afton, Fente, Whipped, Time, Mora, Tarry, Crooked, Gillis, Bat, Green, Flying, Gotter, Brant, Edith, West Round, Round
Comments:    36 portages, longest 140 rods, 42 miles.

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